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July 4th Table

July 4th Table

I saw this post from The Design Twins and I just HAD to share!

These festive martini glasses are simple, yet so fun! I especially love how the fruit and yogurt make for a colorful Independence Day treat!

Below are the directions from their website…

  1. Grab your favorite wine glasses or even empty mason jars to hold your delicious treat!
  2.  Start off by scooping a few large spoonfuls of Greek yogurt into the bottom of the cup or jar. This will be the first layer of the parfait!
  3. Next cut up some freshly washed blueberries or strawberries and place them on top of the yogurt for the second layer.
  4. Follow with another layer of yogurt, then another layer of berries and repeat until the glass or jar is full.
  5. Top it off with a final garnish of berries. You can even add a mini blueberry skewer as a finishing touch. Feel free to top with your favorite granola or a dash of cinnamon for extra flavor. You can even add mini American Flags if you wish!
  6. Serve immediately with a spoon and ENJOY!!

Click the link below to check them out!

How to Create a Festive Fourth of July Tablescape that Wows



Kristi Hand

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