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Munchie Monday | The Lake Norman Taste Test

Munchie Monday | The Lake Norman Taste Test

The Lake Norman Taste Test

There are many places to eat around the Lake Norman area, yet people still find themselves bored of their options.

If you find yourself going to the same places to eat every week, you know exactly what we mean.

The story goes something like this: everyone gets in the car and, somebody changes their mind about where they want to eat. This is when everyone else chips in about where they want to go. It usually brews into a formal debate about whether to go for something healthy or something quick.

In the end, everyone goes to the same old restaurant that they’re tired of.

There is an abundance of chain restaurants and franchises everywhere you go. While this is easy and affordable, most health-conscious people will turn away from it. Typical foodies prefer family-owned, unique restaurants with character. Actually, if you ask almost anyone, they will probably say the same thing…

What if there is a hidden gem in every town?

There are so many unturned rocks around Lake Norman, yet nobody is willing to explore them.

The Titan Realty team recognizes this recurring problem and has decided to take action. We want to do a taste test at restaurants that seem worthy of everyone’s taste buds. Now, let’s go on a trip around Lake Norman to find the best spots for you and your Family!

Featured Restaurants

The Blue Parrot


Midway Boathouse Grill


North Harbor Club


The Yellow Deli



Eddie’s on Lake Norman



Prickly Pear



Landing Restaurant



Port City Club






Restaurant X


Kristi Hand

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